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Philosophy of questions

What is the
philosophy of questions

What is a question. Why do we ask questions. What makes a question good or bad. How can we ask better questions.

The philosophy of questions asks these questions and many more. It is all about understanding the nature and value of questions and applying this to everyday life.


Simply put, it is the philosophical study of questions. 

Take part

Take part in philosophical research on questions by completing this short questionnaire, which asks you to think about what a question is.

Or visit the Question Collection for questions, forgotten and found, ranging from the ordinary to the inspiring.

who is lani watson

Dr Lani Watson is a philosopher based at the University of Oxford. She is fascinated by questions. Her research delves into the practice of questioning and examines how questions are used in everyday life: at work, at home, in politics and the media, in social settings, and in classrooms.

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