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common questions

how many of these common questions have you asked today

How are you

What time is it

What shall we have for dinner

Would you like a tea

What's the weather like

How long will it take

Do I have time

What shall I do

Where are my keys

Where is my phone

Can I help

How do I do it

How does it work

Who knows

Am I hungry

Am I thirsty

Am I on time

Is it worth it

What shall we watch

Where can I find out

Wall Clock

can you guess the most common google search questions in 2020


Google releases its 'Year in Search' report annually, detailing the most searched questions, terms, topics, people, events, lyrics, entertainment, recipes and more, around the world. 

top 10 uk search questions

Who won the election

Where does vanilla flavouring come from

How many cases of coronavirus in UK

What is VE day

How did coronavirus start

When will lockdown end

How to make a face mask

How to make hand sanitizer

How many people have died from coronavirus

What time is Boris Johnson's speech today

top 10 uk how to questions

How to make a face mask


How to make hand sanitizer


How to make bread


How to get tested for coronavirus


How to cut your own hair


How to cook eel


How to cut men's hair


How to boost immune system


How to self isolate


How to treat coronavirus

top 10 uS WHY questions

top 10 uS QUé ES questions

top 10 uk terms

Why were chainsaws invented

Why is there a coin shortage

Why was George Floyd arrested

Why is Nevada taking so long

Why is TikTok getting banned

Why did Kobe have 2 numbers

Why is everyone buying toilet paper

Why is it called COVID-19

Why is it called Juneteeth

Why is Australia on fire

Qué es el Coronavirus

Qué es una pandemia

Qué es tusa

Qué es cuarentena

Qué es toque de queda

Qué es isquemia

Qué es nitrato de amonio

Qué es plasma

Qué es shock hipovolémico

Qué es el voto electoral


US election

Caroline Flack

Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus update

Premier League

Boris Johnson

Eat Out to Help Out

Kobe Bryant

Kim Jong-un

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