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QUESTION questions


What is the last question you asked.

How many questions have you asked today.

How many questions will you ask in your lifetime.

What is your favourite question.

What question scares you.

What do questions do.

Why do we ask questions.

Do all questions have answers.

Does a question need a question-mark.

Is this a question.



I call this question the 'Question Question'. 

It is one of my favourite questions. I have been thinking about this question for over ten years and I have tried to answer it here (for the longer version) and here (for the shorter version). I talk about it here:


more questions about QUESTIONs

What is the difference between a question and an answer.

Can a question be an answer.


Who has more power, the questioner or the answerer.

Can a question be wrong.

Can a question be false.

What is the best question you have ever asked.

What is the best question you have ever been asked.

What is the worst question to be asked.

What is the unanswered question in your life.


What is the unasked question in your life.

If you could ask an all-knowing being one question, what question would you ask.

If you could ask a famous person from the past one question, who and what would you ask.


If you could only ask one more question, what would it be. 

Who asks better questions, children or adults.

Can you remember the first question you asked.

Can babies ask questions.

Can non-human animals ask questions.

Can robots or computers ask questions.

What is the most important question ever asked.

remember you can share your questions and suggest additions to the question collection...

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